CHEETAH Movement

CHEETAH Movement

104 THE HEAT - segment on CHEETAH Movement

Check out this full segment on -----> 104THEHEAT CM segment <-------- on CHEETAH Movement by host, Karena. So Honored to KNOW this woman! This woman is just amazinggg. She's worked with artists from TupacDiamond, Ashanti, Nelly, Alicia Keys, etc..the list goes on. You just never who's watching or who you inspire. I'm so proud to be a young woman but most of all, I'm so so proud to be me. 🙌🏽 I've never thought I'd be a voice for something such as mental health and self harm. I JUST always had a connection with CHEETAHS. Not knowing that I'd had to go through something like this to actually find that main source of where the connection came from and most of all, find my purpose! I can resonate with their strength and will to run and keeping running and thrive for what they want and what they believe!! Also, their desire to persevere through whatever obstacle may come their way. We are all CHEETAHS, some of us just doesn't know it yet. 🐆✨ -Kenidra ❤️

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Karena hosts Sunday-Thursday 9pm-12am - tune in!!! 

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