CHEETAH Movement

CHEETAH Movement


*Update* I am Kenidra Woods, 16 years old. I am based in St.Louis, MO. Founder of CHEETAH Movement advocating for mental health and the prevention of self harm and suicide. C.H.E.E.T.A.H Movement stands for Confidence, Harmony, Enlightenment, Encouragement, Tranquility, Awareness, and Hope. Through my struggles and hardships I discovered my divine purpose - to inspire, save, and change lives. On this divine mission, I've had the opportunity of making several appearances and doing speaking engagements first for the Jumpoff Radio with Mesh Neal - "Winning The Battle"  ( ) 


Not after I spoke in Tucson, AZ covering the importance of forgiveness, speaking out, healing, and simply letting them know that they're not alone with KVOANEWS4 (

Live with Kgun9 Morning Blend


I was also featured in the L.A sentinel newspaper for CHEETAH Movement twice. The first time being for the great achievements on saving lives that I've made -- ( ) and the other being for my short film, "A HEART OF HOPE" that I've just released ( ) Not long after I released "A HEART OF HOPE" - the ARTWITHIMPACT organization did a suprising feature on it!! ( ) link to short film ----> <----

Along the way on this journey I've set up a blog for CHEETAH Movement, my blog ( ) is where different individuals around the country or world even can share their stories and it's a way for them to express themselves in a way only they can submit their
poetry, music, fiction, art, video, photography, etc. to me. This is not only my story but this is OURstory, I'm speaking out for the ones remains silent because they are afraid to speak out. I'm letting them know that it's okay to speak out and that it doesn't show weakness but a tremendous amount of strength.

 I've just did the first Teen Talk interview Tele-Seminar of the year of 2017 with host, teen therapist, and founder of dearteenself, Jaynay Johnson. I talked about how I overcame the deep depression that I was in and most importantly how did I turn that struggle into strength! I encourage everyone to listen. This is where I'm so real and open about my journey. ( )

Despite, all that I've been through - I stand, speaking my truth and feeling unashamed while doing so.
*Just an update catching you all up on all that has happened* I love you CHEETAHS. You guys rock 🤘🏽❤️


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