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Check out this full segment on -----> 104THEHEAT CM segment <-------- on CHEETAH Movement by host, Karena. So Honored to KNOW this woman! This woman is just amazinggg. She's worked with artists from TupacDiamond, Ashanti, Nelly, Alicia Keys, etc..the list goes on. You just never who's watching or who you inspire. I'm so proud to be a young woman but most of all, I'm so so proud to be me. 🙌🏽 I've never thought I'd be a voice for something such as mental health and self harm. I JUST always had a connection with CHEETAHS. Not knowing that I'd had to go through something like this to actually find that main source of where the connection came from and most of all, find my purpose! I can resonate with their strength and will to run and keeping running and thrive for what they want and what they believe!! Also, their desire to persevere through whatever obstacle may come their way. We are all CHEETAHS, some of us just doesn't know it yet. 🐆✨ -Kenidra ❤️

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SCARS poem by Jada Carrington (Dedicated to Kenidra Woods)


Jada has not only been such an inspiration in my life but many others around here. Her spirit and her heart is oh so genuine. Her poetry comes from a place of pain, they are so heartfelt. She goes through depression and days where she feels that she's less than but each day she fights, she fights not only for herself but for others. Poetry gets her through, it's her outlet. They have helped me ways unexplainable. Her poetry is like no other, she's truly touched by God. Jada, you are a very special asset to this world. You're one of a kind. I could go on and on about you but I just want to wish you a very special HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Let's show the world what you're made of! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this dedication to me and just for everything. I pray that God continues to enlarge your platform and bless you in EVERYTHING you do! Much love beautiful! 🙏❤️🎈

Here I present SCARS by Jada Carrington, a dedication to me :
Scars (Dedication to Kenidra Woods)

By: Jada Carrington

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the strongest of them all?
I used to think I was invincible, limitless and all knowing and no one could tell me otherwise,
I was young and naive, but I was so innocent,
hand made by God, sweet and valuable much like the fruit in the garden of Eden.
See I was special, my essence held all the secrets to the world, I was forbidden fruit,
beautiful but not meant for consumption.
God said the harvest was plentiful and that you could eat from any other tree,
and yet you still managed to let your serpent deceive you.
You ate from my tree of knowledge,
You made me conscious of my body before it even had a chance to develop.
Now I'm cursed with sinful thoughts and I don't know how to get rid of them.
You brought hell into my life and now even my angels have pitchforks,
I guess that's why bad things always felt so good. I miss being an angel.
I wish I could go back to when playing with dolls was my life,
everything was pretend and no one had any ulterior motives,
but sadly I can't, this is reality and my life is not a game.
Why didn't anyone tell me that grown men aren't supposed to play with little girls that way?
I thought everybody played like that. I trusted you.
You were supposed to protect me from all the big bad wolves like the ones we used to read
about, not become one. Little girls are not meant to be prey,
and I keep praying for my happy ever after ending but I'm getting tired,
my mouth has already been going a thousand miles per hour,
and I've ran out of words.
Written in scars are the stories I could never explain.
Every scar had a novel on its tongue and it was razor blade sharp,
just like the blades I became very familiar with.
Is it wrong that I have more slashes on my body than years I have on this earth?
Am I wrong for thinking that the only way to ease my pain is to enhance it?
They say the truth cuts deep, well I must be the most honest person on this planet.
Some days I don't even want to be on this planet
but I know that there's people depending on me so I stay,
but isn't it crazy, the same rope I use to help pull you out of your hell
is the same rope I want to wrap around my neck to end mine.
Depression is so two faced, helped me to find my purpose
but keeps trying to stop me from living in it.
It took over my life, so I tried to take my own, a few times.
What's the point of staying alive when you're already spiritually dead?
I swear having a mental illness sucks.
Some days it feels like there's a fire inside my mind and there's nobody to come to my rescue,
other days it feels like I'm drowning in water and there's no one to pull me out,
and then there's those days where the fire and the water inside of my head just cancels each
other out and I feel nothing at all.
I guess I have to play with the cards I was dealt even if it's the game of solitary.
I may be alone but at least I hold all the cards
and even though I've taken so many loses, I'm not going to stop playing until I win.
I am a winner, God made me that way.
So yeah I may get sad sometimes but that does not define me.
I may feel alone sometimes but that does not define me.
I may have a mental illness but that does not define me either.
What defines me is that I am still here even though the odds are against me,
what defines me is that I refuse to give up
and everything that I have overcome in my life is what makes me a warrior
and so when I look in the mirror and look at all my scars both mental and physical
where I once saw shame and defeat,
I now see power, I see accomplishment and I see a story that is worth sharing to the whole entire world.
Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the strongest of them all?

....I AM


*Update* I am Kenidra Woods, 16 years old. I am based in St.Louis, MO. Founder of CHEETAH Movement advocating for mental health and the prevention of self harm and suicide. C.H.E.E.T.A.H Movement stands for Confidence, Harmony, Enlightenment, Encouragement, Tranquility, Awareness, and Hope. Through my struggles and hardships I discovered my divine purpose - to inspire, save, and change lives. On this divine mission, I've had the opportunity of making several appearances and doing speaking engagements first for the Jumpoff Radio with Mesh Neal - "Winning The Battle"  ( ) 


Not after I spoke in Tucson, AZ covering the importance of forgiveness, speaking out, healing, and simply letting them know that they're not alone with KVOANEWS4 (

Live with Kgun9 Morning Blend


I was also featured in the L.A sentinel newspaper for CHEETAH Movement twice. The first time being for the great achievements on saving lives that I've made -- ( ) and the other being for my short film, "A HEART OF HOPE" that I've just released ( ) Not long after I released "A HEART OF HOPE" - the ARTWITHIMPACT organization did a suprising feature on it!! ( ) link to short film ----> <----

Along the way on this journey I've set up a blog for CHEETAH Movement, my blog ( ) is where different individuals around the country or world even can share their stories and it's a way for them to express themselves in a way only they can submit their
poetry, music, fiction, art, video, photography, etc. to me. This is not only my story but this is OURstory, I'm speaking out for the ones remains silent because they are afraid to speak out. I'm letting them know that it's okay to speak out and that it doesn't show weakness but a tremendous amount of strength.

 I've just did the first Teen Talk interview Tele-Seminar of the year of 2017 with host, teen therapist, and founder of dearteenself, Jaynay Johnson. I talked about how I overcame the deep depression that I was in and most importantly how did I turn that struggle into strength! I encourage everyone to listen. This is where I'm so real and open about my journey. ( )

Despite, all that I've been through - I stand, speaking my truth and feeling unashamed while doing so.
*Just an update catching you all up on all that has happened* I love you CHEETAHS. You guys rock 🤘🏽❤️



In life, we just never know what it may bring. I thought I'd always be the girl that never went through anything, that life would always be easy. Well, I certainly was wrong! From time to time, life leaves us in for a 'rude awakening'. Today, I can say that I was grateful for that wake up call because I was clearly ignorant to what this thing called "LIFE" really was, it was far from simple for sure. Safe to safe - my struggles made me strong, they gave me strength to carry on. They give me the ability and privilege to inspire through my my story and my testimony. If I can save even one life, I know my living isn't in vain. We find our purpose through our hurt, our pain, our triumphs, our troughs, and most of all our strength!!

Through all that I went through, the unimaginable pain and suffering, sexual abuse, doubts, self harm, suicide attempts, staying in psych wards and residentials, feeling alone and in a such dark dark place, one where I thought I was very near to death. I can truly say that all of it carved me into I am ought to be. Safe to say I wouldn't go back and change a thing, even though it was so very painful mentally, physically, and emotionally it has made me stronger, wiser, and most of all spread a message to KEEP. HOPE. ALIVE!!! I am a testimony of a hopeful heart. No matter what I've through I kept that HOPE of things getting better and I am glad I did because I am here today to inspire through my story, my message, and C.H.E.E.T.A.H Movement.

Before I spoke out, I wasn't happy because I wasn't being real with myself. I was hiding, I covered up with long clothing even in the summer. I didn't want to hide anymore. So, I made a decision to 'free myself' - I didn't need nor did I want anyone to validate me. Well, today, I walk so proudly with my battle wounds - these are scars of pain being turned into power and a struggle being turned into strength. It is so overwhelming to know how many people I am inspiring, how many lives I've saved, and how many lives I'm changing daily! I would not have imagined myself in a million years speaking out about something such as mental health or even self harm. But then again we just never know what life's journey will give to you again the way. Sometimes it's not even for us, it's for someone else. I believe in giving to others what God has placed on me. Someone may need this and I have hope in my heart that it will resonate!
BTW! My short film on mental health entitled 'A HEART OF HOPE' that will be officially released December 20! ❤️🙏
(A little sneak peek of article!!)

Here's link to full article - enjoy! ✨🙏


    There's no such thing as a particular person who'd self harm. It can place an affect on anyone of any age, background, or race. This epidemic has no boundary of which it cross or no limits to who it reaches. However, girls and young women are more at risk(although boys are self harming more so frequently than ever before. People who are dependent on drugs and alcohol are at a much higher risk as well. Also, the LGBT COMMUNITY because this group is faced with more adversity, some sprouting from religious beliefs and morals, others vary from each individual personal beliefs. Regardless of who the person is self harming, this is something that needs to be taken seriously, it has literally become a "silent epidemic." 

Self harm can be triggered from a number of things, a few could be from low self-esteem, poor body image, racial difficulties, feelings of rejections from loved ones, stress, bullying, etc. Not knowing how to deal with pressure and stress is often replaced with cutting, burning, biting, or other self injurious behaviors. Self harm is a way of releasing that tension and acts as a safety valve. It is a way of communicating without communicating and acknowledging the need for help. It sometimes is used as a punishment for oneself from feelings of shame or guilt. While some people only use self harm as a coping mechanism, others intent are to possibly end their life. 

For me, self harm was an attempt to feel something other than emotions. Once I began to feel empty, self harm became more frequent just to fight that feeling. I'd be lying if I said everyday was great and that I haven't attempted or even thought of self harm. Self harm is something that most people don't understand and think that it's something that is abolished overnight. Self harm certainly is an addiction, any addiction is hard to break. If I relapse a million times in my life, I make up in my mind to take 2 steps forward each time. It is something truly hard to deal with without feeling judged. All people want, if anything, is to feel important and that they matter regardless of their addiction. If I knew that self harm of any kind was addictive, I would've found another way, another outlet.. that's for sure. 
Everyday I strive to progress on my journey to eventually quitting with the thoughts or actions. Then again, my scars will always remind me of where I've come from and how it happened, so I don't think I'll ever completely get that thought out of my memory. I do believe that life gets better and that anything in life is certain if you believe, possibilities are endless! Every single day, regardless of how I feel, I aspire to inspire, save, and change lives. I can say, I've been more happier than I was almost a year ago. I'll continue to move forward in faith for you as you move forward for me. We can do this. I promise. Xo, Kenidra 😘❤️

If you or someone you know is in immediate danger please call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255 as soon as possible. There are people that actually care for you. You matter!!

My journey as a CHEETAH girl: "I've never imagined..."

I've never imagined myself to be where I am today in life. It's crazy how life goes. Life doesn't give you a guide on how to life or which way to go. I've always imagined myself living the High School dream with the high school sweetheart of my dreams, sitting under the tree and looking for that shooting star in the sky- going to the mall with friends, going on a date to the movies and holding hands.

Well no, life was not what it seemed in reality- I always remind myself that's those are just movies to grab the viewer's attention emotionally. Quite frankly, that's all it will be- a movie.

Anyways, as I was saying you just never know what life may throw at you, life is so unpredictable. Do I believe we are more equipped and stronger than we think? Yes absolutely! As I was in and out of the different institutions for mental health, it made me feel like a low life and that my life was already over. I can honestly say since I was a little girl people had already been rooting for me because in their eyes I was someone special, no ordinary girl but extraordinary.

When I couldn't be “that girl” for them I felt like a failure and that I contradicted everything great thing they said about me. I thought to myself, “what do I do now?” At that point I thought suicide was the only way I could escape guilt, embarrassment, ridicule, pain, and just like in general. I've made many attempts to take my life but this last time in particular I felt different, I gained a whole new perspective on life, I wanted more- there was more to life for me that was yet to be revealed. Days upon days I began to reflect on everything I've encountered in my life.

Through most of it I realized that I was giving MY power to everything and everyone but myself- I didn't want that any longer. So there I was with CHEETAH Movement! I've never eveeeeer imagined myself advocating for selfharm and suicide prevention. Heck, I never even imagined going through it myself. I am much happier than I've ever been- there's always still some way to go in life and some mountains to climb but I've made it this far, so why not continue the climb?

It's alot great supporters with CHEETAH Movement, I never imagined it getting all the coverage/support that it did/does get esp from celebs such as Meagan Good, Lil MO, Christina Milian, Michelle Williams, Andra Day, Erica Campbell.. to name some. It's all beyond my wildest dreams. I'm so proud of myself- through this journey I've gained more strength, perspective, knowledge, self expression, and support. I am a CHEETAH girl and today I stand tall and strong with my battle wounds inside and out.

Now I ask you, do YOU think we are more equipped/stronger than we think? What obstacle(s) has made you use those tools?

P.S. Exciting things coming with CM! Be on the look out!! ✨🐆

INSIDE LOOK! A MARVELOUS Week of Transition camp with Girls in the Know!!!

Girls in the Know - Transition camp

  I'd initially went to volunteer for Transition camp for an organization here in Stl called Girls in the Know that focuses on educating and empowering mothers and their pre-teen daughters while encouraging positive decisions and healthy behaviors as girls mature into adulthood, at Ferguson Middle(my old middle school) - the transition camp was a camp for incoming 7th graders and getting them ready for that big transition to junior high. I felt in my heart to go and volunteer because I definitely wish someone could've told me and helped me get an idea of middle school and relieved some of the anxiety I had about first starting junior high

Girls in the Know - Knowledge is Power!
Well, I'm beyond grateful to have helped these girls and talked to them about what I knew about from experience during my 2 years in middle school. I simply told them that it was nothing to worry about - it would be all good. I soon realized the girls I was serving could benefit from my story, and my message behind my movement. My hope is that my courage to persevere will inspire other girls to keep going, reach out and be willing to ask for help when things get tough. 

Also, to remember that it's not about how you fall but how you get up is what counts. This camp has been a learning, rejuvenating, empowering experience! There were things that I've learned that I didn't know about myself - that it's ok to feel uncomfortable to be comfortable. If you're always in your comfort zone you will never know how much you can accomplish. 

The importance of a positive mindset 
Day 1 of Transition camp we focused on similarities and differences - we can all have different interests but that doesn't mean we cannot agree on some things that we all like. The power of music - music is powerful and sometimes we just need that one phrase or chorus to get us through our trying times. It's always good to have atleast a song or two to resort back to for motivation, hope, and encouragement. We also explored different styles and genres of music - we laughed, we had a great deal of fun, and most of all we embraced one another and the moment.

 Sometimes we tend to dwell on and put too much time on that one negative comment said about us vs. those 99 positive things said about us. Think of life like a camera - focus on what's important and capture the good times. Only you can choose what you put your time and energy into.

Exploration of different styles and genres of music
Stephanie Booker, Girls in the Know intern
Ideas of a good/positive song 
Day 2 of Transition camp we discussed the difficulties of starting middle school, such as the drastic changes your body goes through, trying to figure out who your true friends are, and most of all trying to find WHO YOU ARE!
Celebrating one another helps us keep our confidence and gives up strength. Otherwise, comparing can be a negative act against yourself. We are all unique with many unique abilities and that's the beauty of it!!

We then went to the mirror activity which focused on self-steem. The objective was for every girl to look in the mirror and find positive and negative things about themselves. Then point out the negative things they could and couldn't change - they were told to embrace what you couldn't change because every 'flaw' is what makes them who they are.
Also, it's important to take into consideration about how others percieve you only depending on who they are because it's things we don't see in ourselves, both positive and negative. Those observations can help us in the long run.

"Love me some me" mirror activity

"Love me some me" poster - made with Love by Girls in the Know

Sometimes it's hard to stay physical because when we think of physical we immediately think of 'excerise' but being physical could even just be walking to the bathroom, running down the hall, or even playing with your siblings. Being physically active is good for your mental health. It releases endorphins, powerful chemicals in your brain that energize your spirits and make you feel good. Our physical activities for the day started off with a relay race - then at 3 different stations we had dribbling and shooting, push-ups and sit-ups, and jumping jacks and different stretches - it did indeed increase the girl's heart rate and energy level. 

To close it out each and every girl made a tree pose and all connected hands. It had a little twist which was - friends are always good to have, even if you have that one bestfriend because together we can build one another up. We closed out the end of the day with a marshallow activity with toothpicks, we all worked together and made some unique inventions. 

Day 3 of Transition camp we started our day of with the incomparable, one and only, Prince! (Thanks to Julie :))
The Artist aka Prince 
While friendships mean something special to every individual, no matter what - love should be over all in every friendship, first and foremost. Friendships tend to be more complicated when friends are dishonest - when friends truly care they are honest with you, by any means. Each girl then went into friendships and what friendships meant to them. Friends make you feel good about who you are.

Peer pressure is something we've all experienced or could experience through our lifetime - we tend to give in to pressure of our peers because we want to be 'liked' or even feel important. We did an experiment on peer pressure with tootsie rolls in a jar.

The girls were asked to make a guess of how many tootsie rolls they thought were in the jar in all. Every girl went around to a different girl to see what they had come up with. The last guess was based off of all the predictions made before of what each girl guessed. While some were closer to the correct amount, some were farther off. 

This lesson had a twist to it also, of course! It was to make your own guess and what you really thought rather than talking to peers and getting easily influenced - sometimes being influenced can put you in a unintended harmful situation or I shall say between "a rock and a hard place."

                 Say "NO!" to peer pressure

Last but certainly not least we closed the day out with Sheila Cunningham, CEO/founder of the Get fit crew, with kickboxing. It was such a rejuvenating experience and a huge amount of fun. While having fun, we still got in a great amount of excercise and released some steam. We were so honored to have spent the time we did with her!

The beautiful, Sheila Cunningham and Girls in the Know!

Day 4 of Transition camp - we expressed our feelings about social media and its tactics. While, Social media can be a great way to connect with friends and family as well as meeting new people, it can also be a worst nightmare. We should be mindful of the different possibilities before posting. Once you post it's never gone - LITERALLY! NEVER! With technology advancing daily there are a number of ways for someone to instantly save or even share what you put out there on social media. It may not matter now but somewhere down the line what you post now can be potentially fatal in the future. 

T.H.I.N.K before you post - is it true, is it helpful, is it inspiring, is it necessary, or is it kind? Anything you post on social media is a reflection of what kind of person you are, it could be good or bad. When someone clicks on your page and wants to know something about you - everything you posted will give them an idea of who you are even if it's not the "real" you. If you respect yourself, others will.

Yoga helps to develop a positive, healthy, and peaceful attitude towards life. Some benefits of yoga are that it focuses on the mind, calms the mind, promotes relaxation breathing, balances the body and mind etc. The girls had tried Yoga for the first time and let me tell you - it was great to see them stepping out of their comfort zone and put so much effort into it while also letting it all naturally flow after getting in the feel of it all.

After Yoga and to close out the end of the day and the last day of camp the girls teamed up into 3 groups and constructed prom dresses made of toilet paper and cray paper - they were absolutely FAB-U-LOUS and so colorful! What a great way to end camp!

Although, I am sad that camp has ended, along with this wonderful experience and opportunity - I am excited to see and hear about the girls' experience with starting middle school in a few weeks. These girls are the future! I am just so proud of all that they have had to offer - so driven, determined in all they do. I have hope not only because I believe but because they gave me a reason to keep to believing. A huge thanks to Girls in the Know - words cannot express how honored I am to have had this opportunity. Thanks so much! Xo, Kenidra. ❤