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CHEETAH Movement

"A Heart Of Hope" Book Release

"Amidst a time when resources are diminishing for families, and the focus of the world is shifting, one young woman shows us all the true meaning of the word "survivor".  Her journey (documented via a series of photos) takes us from innocence, through trauma, to redemption, and shows us the true light of the human spirit."

"A Heart of Hope" is a book about a young girl who's life was in so much turmoil. Depression, self-harm, and self doubts had taken her over. She was simply dark. She had hope but no belief in herself during that time in her life. Her self-esteem was crushed - she had little to no love for herself. She had spent most of her dark days in the psych, where she felt she didn't belong. When she wasn't in the ward, she'd usually be at home isolated cutting herself and just feeling dark. One day, she had planned an attempt and she was sure to give off no signs. She was happy because she knew how everything would go. During that attempt, as she was bleeding out from her legs, sitting in her blood - something registered with her. The love of her family. Something filled with much light had overcome her. In that moment, at that moment - she realized she didn't want to die, she had to find another way. Slowly but surely, her hope had been restored. She, indeed, had a heart of hope.

Table full of books and CHEETAH Movement cards

Standing at the table signing books 

Telling the journey 

Showing the journey


My lovely

Big Sis got her a copy & rocking her CHEETAH accent

Grandma came to support. Cherish them!

This book and release is all I could hope for and more. You can find "A Heart of Hope" on Amazon but I strongly encourage mailing them directly to you and personalizing them. To obtain a personalize, signed copy - please email me at your mailing address, from there you will recieve another email for invoice. Looking forward to mailing them out to you all. Thank you guys for your support. Cheetahs! Yeah, Y'all Rock!!! Stay authentic and be true to YOU! -K, xo

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