CHEETAH Movement

CHEETAH Movement

Jada Carrington: Poet, Influencer, and Advocate

Before I introduce myself I just wanna start of by saying the CHEETAH Movement is great. Kenidra Woods is a wonderful role model and a big inspiration. What I love most about the blog is not only does Kenidra encourage others through her story and struggle, she goes above and beyond and gives opportunities for others to do the same on her blog. The CHEETAH movement is saving lives, I encourage everyone to read and join the blog, it really is a great experience.

My name is Jada Carrington, I'm 20 years old and I'm from Baltimore Maryland, I express myself through poetry/spoken word and motivational speaking, my goal is to be a voice to the voiceless, I do not suffer from a mental illness however I have had mental health challenges including self harm and depression, I am now a youth mental health advocate and I will continue to fight for those who don't have the strength, I live by my own quote, "As long as there are people that are on the verge of giving   up I can't." -Jada C.

"I'm fine" by Jada C.
"They ask me if I'm ok,
I say yeah I'm fine and they believe the lie, or is it even a lie,
see the truth is I'm not ok but I am fine with that,
sometimes I look at the darkness as a comfort zone,
a place to go when I can't take the stresses of the world,
the dark isn't bad,
it's what's in the dark that's scary,
so I guess that makes me scary,
a monster, a creature or whatever else that isn't natural but hey atleast I'm not afraid anymore,
I rather be the intimidator than the intimidated,
putting fear in what once put fear in me,
finally for once being totally in control or am I so far in the dark that I have lost control,
maybe I'm so far gone that I need help, I need to be rescued,
rescued from what you ask,
rescued from myself,
it's hard to win the battle when the war is against me, myself and I... just can't take it anymore,
I'm stuck in the dark and all I want to see is the light
but maybe that's what I'm most afraid of because once I see it I can never go back,
my life will change forever because the light means either I have I left or I have stayed to long
and confusion is such a time consuming place
and I rather be free of it all so stop asking me what's wrong,
how can explain something that I don't even understand myself,
stop asking me am I ok because I won't know how to answer you,
and please don't even think about asking me if I'm fine
because if you do I will be forced to tell you the truth.

My pleasure Jada, you truly inspiring Jada, we need more people like you in the world, it would be a much better place. The way you express yourself through poetry just leaves me in "awe." Also, your willingness to help others suffering. Keep reaching for the stars and being a voice! ~xo, Kenidra

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