CHEETAH Movement

CHEETAH Movement

Let's Begin - Together we stand!

A few months ago I had the opportunity to travel to Tucson, AZ. I had the honor of being interviewed on KVOA News4, KGUN9 Morning Blend, and KNST 790 am Money Matters radio talk show, and to speak to the Girls Scouts of Southern Arizona. Launching my journey in Tucson means so much to me. The love and support I recieved has been amazing and it inspires me to keep going. I believe that greater things are definitely ahead for CHEETAH Movement. 

What this experience has revealed to me is that it is important to be open and willing to all things that come our way. If I'm going to tell my truth - tell all of my truth - it's this - we must stay true to who we are, ALWAYS! I don't look at it as just my story, this is OUR story, OUR truth, and we're gonna rise up together. I envision this blog to be an outlet for expression, awareness, healing and community outreach. We all are going through the same things but each one of us will embrace those situations differently, bringing our light and our unique perceptions to them. Being a teenager is hard! We are faced with changing hormones, peer pressure, bullying, mental illnesses, and doubts everyday. And so often we feel we are all alone in this life.

I am thrilled to announce today that this blog will become a platform for expressing those emotions; our fears, our joys, our lives. I invite you to the submit your poetry, music, art, video, photography, etc. to me. Everyone is different and that's the beauty of it because you are expressing yourself in a way that only you can, while actually letting people know that they're not alone. Your expression and courage to share will benefit us all. 

Strength and recovery all start with one person deciding they can't be silent any longer. I believe that once everyone else sees that it's okay to speak out everything else will follow. My blog is a judge- free zone, where you can feel comfortable expressing yourself. We are all in this together, struggling with the same issues and striving to live life in the positive light. Our artistic expression is a beautiful way to work through our healing process and to reach out to the world around us - WE ARE NOT ALONE!

Larry and I 
My friend, Larry Hearn wrote a poem about CHEETAH Movement, it has touched and inspired me so much that it is how I will introduce the new direction of my blog. I love how he talked about CHEETAH Movement and broke down what each letter stood for while spicing it up a little and adding his own words of encouragement. He's definitely a leader, he's a great friend who has helped me through some really tough times. His poems have touched my heart so deeply and that's what helped me through - to know that I wasn't alone. He's authentic and everything he does is from the heart. He tells a story that almost anyone can relate to out there and that's enough to give someone that sense of hope and strength.
Live in your light CHEETAHS - we got this!

The Cheetah Within by Larry Hearn

Send your submissions to today!!! 

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