CHEETAH Movement

CHEETAH Movement

My Journey in Tucson, AZ (April 26-May 1)

Sometimes we may question why we go through what we go through, but it's only to make us better as humans and to know how to handle different circumstances that may try to hinder us. Everything happens for reason, there's always a bigger picture behind it all. It’s not always easy to look on the bright side of a situation when you're actually going through it. It's so hard to find that light at the end of the tunnel; the tunnel we may feel that is never ending darkness. We have to make the decision that we don't want to live in darkness and make strides toward finding that light deep down inside of us.
I never imagined myself advocating for self-harm and suicide prevention. Honestly, I pictured myself dead or spending my whole life in residentials. I am so blessed and feel so honored to be advocating for something that is much more of an issue in our country and in the WORLD than we can imagine. This is a way of taking my life back. It brings 
 so much joy to my heart to know that I can help and reach so many people. This issue relates to everyone in many different ways, they may be going through it, or have some a relative or a dear friend suffering from it. It would help them to know that they're not alone and also to have a better understanding of what it really is. It also means to much to me to be a voice in ending stigmas surrounding mental health. Having a mental illness doesn't mean that we can't live a normal, productive, and happy live. 

I reflect often on everything I went through; back and forth to the hospital, hearing about my illness, and just feeling so depressed, not wanting to be here another day. I’ve gained a lot of great things from it all. One thing in particular that I’ve taken from my journey is that to really understand mental illness you have to go through it either personally or have someone you truly love go through it. I actually embrace my mental illness because it helps me understand others that are going through the same thing and to remember that we are all human. Mental illness doesn't define us or make us any different from being just that. However, we are unique in our own ways, we have different qualities to add to the world.

Just imagine if we all pitched in with our unique qualities what a beautiful world it could be. What if everyone worked on believing in each other, offering hope and encouragement and possibilities! I'm just hoping with CHEETAH movement that I can be a part of creating that world.

I'm so excited that I launched this journey in Arizona. There was so

much love there, people were willing to listen and embrace the CHEETAH movement. The support I’ve received from the Tucson community has been outstanding and I am so grateful. I cannot put in enough words to express how I feel about this beautiful journey I am embarking on. I wouldn't be where I am without the continuous support of people that matter most in my life. A huge thanks to CHEETAH Movement supporters, you guys are the ones who motivate me to keep going. It's your constant encouragement that gives me the strength to never turn back. I'll definitely keep changing the world one day at a time.
View my appearance on KGUN9 Morning Blend:

Much love Cheetahs, wishing you all the best and I hope that you all will continue to follow me on this amazing journey. XOXO 💖

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