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Silent Screams Short Film Trailer (Friday March 25, 2016)

Silent Screams Short Film Trailer 
Cameo Sherrell and I met on Instagram. Not long after, she reached out to me about "Silent Screams" the short film she'd written and directed. Cameo is an actress who lives in LA. This is her debut as a director. She shared that telling this story was so meaningful to her, and how proud of me she was for telling my story. The film is about selfharm in the black community. Something that is much more common than you may imagine. "Silent Screams" connects to my story alot. One thing for sure is that it expresses how you don't have to be a particular race or color to selfharm, however, the statistics are extremely high within the black community. Many people believed the stereotype that only whites self-harmed. Truth is, it's not that blacks don't self-harm, it's just not as openly discussed because in our community we are less likely to talk openly about it; because of our cultural backgrounds, and religious views. Mental illness, selfharm and suicide are real in my age group, in EVERY community. It can happen to anyone, anywhere. The message in "Silent Screams" expresses much of what I'm trying to get out by sharing my story and through the efforts of the CHEETAH Movement. It is very encouraging and motivational. I felt so many emotions while watching this film, you will too!

This is a must watch because we should end stigmas attached to self-harm and mental illness that affect so many, across all cultural boundaries.

Here is the trailer for Cameo Sherrell's new film "Silent Screams"

Hope you guys enjoy!

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