CHEETAH Movement

CHEETAH Movement

My Name is Kenidra. . .

My name is Kenidra, I'm 15 years old. I've experienced the pain and suffering of self-harm and attempted suicide over the past few years. I'm here to tell you that you can get through it and you don't have to do it alone. I created the 'CHEETAH Movement' because I feel like it is my obligation to inspire, save, and change lives through experience, educating, and simply raising awareness. I have been through some really tough times and if I can help even one person suffer less or not go down that path at all, I am blessed. My philosophy in life is either you use life's obstacles as a 'hurdle' or a 'fence to fail.' I may be only 15, but I've lived through a lifetime of pain and now I am working daily to move beyond that suffering and to help others.
These past months many doors has opened for me and my dream of helping others cope with depression/self-harm and suicide is becoming more of a reality than I ever imagined. I did my first interview with the CHEETAH Movement and my story ever on April 5, 2016 with Mesh Neal
Although, I was very excited to share my story, I was also a bit nervous because it was my first interview on the radio and I didn't want to mess it up. I just really wanted it to go nice and smoothly. And it did! From that day on I had a positive belief that I could rock any situation and do great!

It was such a huge success and so amazing to know how many people I inspired and still is inspring! I was honored to answer guest call in questions; and I was so sad that I couldn't get them all. I had a bittersweet feeling because I wanted everyone to get to chance to talk to me firsthand and to let them know that I'm so grateful for each and every one of them. I have felt so good since the interview in general because I told the WORLD my story! The conversation was just so open and it felt so good to be a big part of it. My voice matters and I want you all to know how much YOUR voice matters! There are people who care and will be there to support you, you are NEVER alone! 

It is so important to educate and raise awareness for self-harm and suicide prevention. They are topics that are not easily talked about because people are so judgemental; some get offended, and the conversation may trigger fear and negative feelings as well. My intentions aren't to offend anyone but to talk openly and not continue to sweep it all under the rug like it isn't an issue. Also, it is hard for many to talk about self-harm because they are afraid about what people might say. Since, they are already down they feel like people are going to add to it. It's never right to judge anything that you have no knowledge or understanding of.

In the end, I'm only trying to inspire, save, and change lives! I want to advocate for open conversation on these topics because awareness is the first step. I am compelled to share my journey and to let the world know that self-harm is REAL, depression is REAL, mental illness is REAL, and suicide is REAL, we must end the stigma!! 

Life is a journey and in that journey there are some ups and downs. If you are struggling with self-harm and suicidal tendencies, you can get through it if you believe in your heart that you are worth more than you distribute and that your life is truly meaningful. 
I just want you all to know that I love from the bottom of my heart! I've been there and I'm here with and for you. 
      You guys rock! 

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